Kluang the Town of Coffee!

In September last year, my family and I went to Melaka for a holiday, including my parents and my brother’s family. It’s fun because we haven’t had a holiday together for a long time, only that I don’t have sisters and my brother because they work and study. Although not long in Melaka only 1 day 1 night, but fun because you can be with your loved ones. The hotel is not expensive, only RM 90 per night. At first there was no plan to go on holiday with the family, but because at the same time my wife and I and my son wanted to go to Kluang Johor the next day. So we agreed with my brother’s plan.

With my Daughter at Kluang Rail Coffee

After being in Melaka, I, my wife and child, will continue our journey to Kluang the next day. Actually, our purpose is to Kluang because my wife needs to sit for the appointment test at INTAN Kluang branch. This is the first time my family and I have been to Kluang. Actually, I have been planning a holiday in Kluang for a long time, at a time when my wife was able to do a test there.

Breakfast at Kluang Rail Coffee

Alang alang we went on holiday there for four days. For four days there are also many delicious and interesting food places to visit. In terms of places to visit I do not think much to miss if you intend to continue the journey to Mersing which takes about 1 hour and a half from Kluang. There are 2 places we went, the first is the Kolok Restaurant and the second is Kluang Rail Coffee. I was interested in Kluang Rail Coffee which is located right at the Kluang train station.

Kluang Rail Coffee

What is interesting is that this train shop and station is still in its original design. Most importantly the menu available at Kluang Rail Coffee nie. What is appetizing? Haaaa of course the coffee.

The taste of Kluang Coffee

We ordered Kluang Original Coffee and Toast for our breakfast. Being here for the first time reminds me of the nostalgia of the old days at the train station. The coffee is delicious, not sour and not bitter. Toast baked on a very classic baking grill with rich and butter.

List of Menu

After breakfast there, I did not miss the opportunity to buy this Kluang coffee powder for the family in the village. So for those of you who want to go to Kluang, do not forget to stop at Kluang Rail Coffee, it is the best and worth it. InsyaAllah, if this Covid-19 pandemic is over, I will definitely go there again with my mother and father. Assalamualaikum …